The Cumanda Urban Park is developed as one of the largest renovation projects in Quito. This building was previously the city’s main bus station which was built in the 1960’s. By the 1990’s it stopped serving its purpose and was abandoned. Due to its privileged location it was reimagined as a green space and urban park serving the growing population of Quito’s Colonial center. The building was entirely retrofitted to serve as the city’s first urban park, merging a number of activities such as sports facility, art space, and cultural hub that enriches the site and its surroundings. The space is open to the public and offers a quality service for reflection, memory, and recognition of the city.


This airport is located in Latacunga, the largest city in the province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador. It has the second longest runway in Ecuador and is one of the busiest cargo airports in the county. The project was finished in 2010.


This is an exclusive 56 unit luxury residential building. The building incorporates different sized units ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Architecturally the building takes advantage of its privileged location which gives the apartments amazing city views through large panoramic windows. It incorporates luxury amenities such as a private pool, Jacuzzi, spa and a renovated club house.


This is a luxury residential boutique building with 35 units. Units range from 650 Sq.Ft. up to 2,600 Sq.Ft. Comfortable lofts, suites, and townhouses which have been incorporated into the building. Includes exclusive high end amenities such as pool, gym, and Jacuzzi.


This is a house originally built in the 1970’s which was completely renovated. This residential home was transformed into a club house were nearby condominium owners could relax and interact with each other. To incorporate these new activities a large portion of the interior partition walls were demolished to make the spaces larger and better lit with natural light. The interior finishes were also updated following a open plan concept. Bathrooms fixtures, piping, doors and windows were replaced or refinished making this a total renovation. The exterior of the house was also entirely renovated respecting it’s original architecture but giving it a more contemporary feel.     

This is an interior condo renovation located in Williams Island, Aventura, FL. The building was built in 1985 so the owners wanted to give the property a more contemporary aesthetic and spacious feel while enhancing it’s functionality. The interior finishes were changed to white marble flooring, granite countertops in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances and glossy white closets in the bedrooms. The kitchen ceiling was replaced. In the restrooms, the fixtures were replaced to new ones. Both bedrooms increased in area removing excessive storage spaces, and lighting fixtures were added. Excessive amounts of mirror wereremoved. Doors were changed and refinished as well as baseboards.




This is a 45 unit beautiful, luxury residential building localized in two and a half acre lot. It includes different type of layouts such as private lofts, suites, and townhouses from 650 Sq.Ft. to 2,600 Sq.Ft. The building incorporates high end amenities such as a private pool, gym, Jacuzzi, and lobby. Vedere has been designed to maximize enjoyment of abundant natural light and spectacular views.


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Tectum is a luxury office building. The building incorporates 40 offices ranging from 650 Sq.Ft. to 4,500 Sq.Ft. Tectum also has a number of environmentally sustainable features such as a green roof, rainwater recollections and the integration of a large linear park that enriches the building and its surroundings.


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Oltremare is a project for a private client who wanted to transform a floating barge into a floating venue, capable of accommodating up to 150 people through a series of architectural, design and construction interventions. The barge is designed to accommodate a varieties of activities ranging from fine dining to marine life classes for children. The barge includes areas for lounge, yoga, water sports, learning open air classroom, bar, fine dining, sunbathing nets, and other activities. The design was inspired by the unique interaction of being in direct contact with the sea. Wind, solar and aquatic elements in order to reach an elegant and organic shape. The barge has various storage, and utility areas that have been incorporated seamlessly to the design. We wanted to bring natural materials used in coastal areas, but give them a new sustainable use and shape. Fabrics, tensioned sails, bamboo weavings, wood, aluminum and steel are all used in the project. 


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Canterbury at lincoln road was a interior decoration and design project for a private client. The overall design is inspired by the Miami Art Deco Movement. The project is a renovation of an original art deco building that has been refurbished to private residences. We also designed the project’s website. More information at: www.canterburyatlincolnroad.com